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Red Kite

What More Can I Do?


It's highly likely that you're trying to find something at home to give your children a little boost as we accelerate towards the SATs in May - it's sooner than you think! - here are some tips and websites to help:


1) Read, read and then read some more. The expectations for the end of Y6 are high and reading enables the children to access all areas of the curriculum, even the maths reasoning papers require quite a bit of reading and interpretation. Try and range your child's reading diet: poems, information text, news, stories, leaflets, anything you can get your hands on!


2) If you can find the time, sit down with them when they're doing their home learning. It's in the SATs style and will give you and idea of what they're mastering. Don't be afraid to write any questions you have in their reading records for one of us to answer - just make sure it's asked before Friday morning when the learning is due in!


3) Talk about the curriculum with them; I'm confident you'll be staggered at the information they have at their fingertips 


4) Want them to earn their Fortnite time? Try some of these websites:

Coming Soon...


Bug Club logins

Looking for more variety in your child's reading? This platform will give the children specific reading tasks to do at home, there will be plenty on there!


Times Tables Rock Stars!

Want to live your unfulfilled rock and roll dreams through your little ones? Now's your chance. Can they shred their way to the top of the class charts and the wide world of TT Rock Stars beyond? Only time (and hard work) will tell. There will be a parents meeting about this platform on Weds 21st with a KS2 roll out Monday 26th. 

Picture 1

Toy or Bird? - A Class Poem


Steal like thieves,

Eyes as sharp as a telescope,

The red kite soars,

silently, gracefully.

This agile bird,

king of the sky!

Gliding, sliding,

majestically searching;

Sharp wings cut the air,

Dipping down he claims his prize,

At full flight his wingspan is colossal,

He darts and moves; 

the tiniest twitch of a muscle. 


A Red Kite Class Collabortation




Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians

Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 1
Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 2
Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 3
Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 4