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Red Kite

To the tune of Lewis Capaldi's 'Someone You Loved'


We’re leaving College Town it’s time to tell you how much it’s changed me, 

It’s clear the staff have had enough with us driving them crazy,

A new dawn is here, it’s time to go,

This isn’t goodbye, we’re just moving on,

It’s not easy to say, it won’t be the same

I guess we’ll have our memories and we’ll see you again.



Now we’re finished here,

Off to new schools,

And you’ll not be there, to help us through it all,

We’ve learned so much here, and now we’re moving on.

We were getting kinda used to being top of the school.


You’ll miss our smiles, our lame excuses and mismatched PE kit,

We did your heads in with the flossin’, dabbing and the rest of it,

Our thank yous go to the staff, to all of our friends, we’ll miss this place, please keep it the same,

Goodbye’s hard to say, leaving’s a shame,

I guess I kinda liked the way we worked as a team.



Now we’re finished here,

Off to new schools,

And you’ll not be there to help us through it all,

We’ve learned so much here and now we’re moving on.

We were getting kinda used to being top of the school.




Now we’re finished here,

Off to new schools,

And you’ll not be there to help us through it all,

We’ve learned so much here and now we’re moving on.

We were getting kinda used to being top of the school.

Now we’re finished here,

Off to new schools,

And you’ll not be there to help us through it all,

We’ve learned so much here and now we’re moving on.

We were getting kinda used to being top of the school.


Disco Inferno!


We sit here, ears bleeding as the children (though not all of the noise is being provided by your excitable offspring) prepare themselves for the pinnacle of any residential visit...the final night disco. Currently Mr Peaple tousling hair for that 'I've not made the effort but I have look' and Miss Cross and Mrs Channing have come over all Gok Wan, every outfit is impeccable or requires a great deal improvement - it's not often I pity the children...but right now I do. 


Anyway, back to today, it's been an absolute blast. The children have excelled themselves. Whether throwing themselves off enormous structures (with the right number of ropes and pulleys to support their weight of); solving problems as a team, learning the art of fencing, hitting the high ropes; or braving the giant swing, it's been a day full of memories to last a life-time. The final hilarity of the day was presented as Mr Tatum and Mr Peaple took to the giant swing, with much screaming and wailing to accompany the spectacle. 


What an incredible success the week has been; the children all have so much to remember and so much to be proud of. They will remember this week for many years to come: oodles of fresh air, mountains of food, hours and hours with friends, trying new activities, testing their personal boundaries and generally having an amazing time; and the only technology they've had to keep them entertained has been an occasion peep over my shoulder as I type these words. 


That's all folks, one night and two activities to go and then they're all yours again. It has been a pleasure to share this week with your children. We hope they all come back and share their experiences with you. 


See you tomorrow,


The Liddington Team

Residential Roundup


Evening all. Things we have established today:


  • you don't necessarily require a canoe or a paddle to get the most out of a canoeing session
  • some of us have no fear 
  • those who do are not giving into it
  • Mr Tatum's a bit competitive
  • it is possible to eat your own bodyweight in food three times a day
  • not many of you will see much evidence of giving us five pounds to spend, we've eaten it all!
  • if a tablet is added to an evening activity we suddenly jump into life and it becomes the best thing ever
  • the moment you finally put suntan lotion on the sun goes in and fails to reappear for a few hours
  • Mrs Channing only has one volume on residential
  • the benefits of a great night's sleep
  • the frustration of riddles
  • which way up to hold a map


That's today's class over and done with, onto tomorrow.  

Liddington Latest


Evening all, 


Today the children have literally driven Mr Peaple up the wall - and I do mean literally (see photo below). And Mr Peaple isn't the only one who has been pushing himself to his limits, we've all been at it!


After a good night's sleep for most (and such a thing is rare as hen's teeth on the first night of a residential, let me assure you, though there were a couple of early risers!) the day began with a rude awakening from Mr Tatum and Mr Peaple (the ladies need their beauty sleep) before breakfast was inhaled and setting off for activity 1. This was either climbing or teams sports. The children all really pushed themselves on the climbing wall and it was impressive to see how keen they were to get the best out of themselves. 


In the afternoon, after another hearty feed, it was onto either orienteering (and proof that for some even a confined space and being armed with a map isn't enough to keep them on the beaten track); raft building, where there were some epic successes and even more epic failures; or archery - that's right folks, even on residential the children are being forced to focus on their targets! With all groups doing two activities in the afternoon there were some hungry boys and girls by dinner time. 


So that's it day two is nearly done, it has just ended with fun around the campfire...nearly time for bed and some well deserved rest.  



Here we are folks. A peaceful (sort of!) journey here and straight into our accommodation - the stables. The children moved in and settled quickly before a little mooch about the site with our host for the week, Carl. After that it was straight into our first activity which for some of us was Vertical Challenge and the others did a bit of thrusting and lunging with a foil - aka fencing. The former group rose (get it, rose!) to their challenge and all did their very best to get as far up the structure as they could and the latter thrust (it's a fencing term!) themselves into their activity with gusto. 


That done and now the children are hungry, the wait for dinner begins...

Homework 28/06/19 - 05/07/2019

Spellings (test on 28/6)

Weekly Spellings (Test on 14/6/19)

Spellings (Test 7/6/18)

Spellings (Test on 21/6 )

PGL Parent Powerpoint - Please ensure all medical forms are returned the first week of term.

5 Quick-Wins Before SATs


1) Rest - a good night's sleep is crucial the night before, ideally the whole weekend will be one of rest and relaxation.


2) No last-minute cramming - do a little bit (see homework sheet) of revision if it helps you relax, if it's stressing you out: STOP!


3) Breakfast - come in on Monday (and the rest of the week) well-fed. Make sure it's a breakfast that will get you through the morning (yep, the boring ones!).


4) Get a little exercise - if you can, walk to school every day next week. If this isn't an option try and do a little five-minute routine to get the blood flowing in the morning.


5) Chill - the work is done, you've done your best, just come in and show us what you've got! 

Pre-SATs Home Learning

Homework due in 10/3/19 + Mock SATs scores explained

Spring Term Done!


So Spring Term is all done, we're 2/3 of the way through. The children have worked really well this term and we're nearing the SATs as prepared as we can be. We'll only have three weeks back after the Easter break and then they start: they really are coming around fast.  


As a reminder the week breaks down like this:


Monday - SPaG

Tuesday - Reading

Wednesday - Arithmetic and Reasoning 

Thursday - Reasoning


With the date so close we're setting homework for the holidays (please see below); I have specifically chosen areas of the curriculum which require attention so please allow the children to use the internet to support their learning. 


I hope you have a wonderful break.


Kind regards,


Mr Tatum

Homelearning (please note the day it is to be handed in!)

Home work (apologies for only getting it up now)

Home Learning - Due in Fri 22nd March



There has been increasing interaction between some of the children online so it seems a good time to pull together a couple of things to think about.


1) The government recommend that children are off their devices at least one hour before bed 

2) Ideally, children's time online should take place in a 'shared' space

3) Many apps come with age guidance, though it may seem unnecessary, this is put in place for a reason and should be followed

4) It is sensible to be aware of your child's online activity, speak to them about it and any concerns they have


For more formal guidance about how to keep your children safe online, please go to: or


We are also becoming concerned about the amount of sleep some of the children are getting - indeed some of them are starting the day looking exhausted. Advice for children aged 10-11 is to get a minimum of 10 hours per night:


Thank you for your continued support in these and all matters. Please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Y6 team should you feel the need. 


Mr Tatum, Miss Cross and Mrs Channing

Back with a Boom and a Bang!


Yep, it's like that week never was, such is the ferocity of the pace in Y6, still it's good to be back. 


This week we've been looking at: poems (The Land of Counterpane and The Land of Nod) by Robert Louis Stevenson in English; algebra (the dreaded algebra) in maths; continued reading Refugee Boy for guided reading; looked back through the decades in history (hopefully your children have been asking you about your memories); and use of satire in art! Like I say, back with a boom and a bang!


Home learning this week is:


Y6 Books: Spelling (22, 23 + 24); Number, Ratio and Algebra (14, 15 + 16); and Reading 'A Night with a Wolf' (Poetry, 20 - 26)


Y5 Books: SPaG (60 + 61); Maths (42 + 43); and Reading 'From a Railway Carriage (16 + 17). 


The children's spellings are: profession, programme, pronunciation, queue, recognise, recommend, restaurant, rhyme, rhythm and sacrifice. 


Don't forget World Book Day on Thursday!

And breathe!


So there it is, the half-way point in the year. Well done to all the children for their effort and focus. 


Half Term Homework has been set, the books and pages are;


Y6 Books

Arithmetic (14, 15, 16 + 17)

Punctuation (10, 11, 12 + 13)

Reading, Non-fiction, 'Drive-in to 1950s America (12 - 19)


Due in 1/3



neighbour, nuisance, occupy, occur, opportunity, parliament, persuade, physical, prejudice, privilege


Test is on 1/3


Thank you parents for all of your support this year so far, it really does make a huge difference. 




Mr Tatum

Last Lap...


...and then a well earned rest!


Home learning this week is:


Grammar: 20 - 23

Arithmetic: 45 - 47

Reading (Poetry): Kite Flight, 14 - 19

Snow Let Up!


That's right, we just plough on here in Year 6; there ain't snow stopping us. Okay, enough puns. I hope that the weather didn't caused too many traumas at home and that the children managed to get out and enjoy it! 


Homework this week:


I've set the home learning for this week and the children all made the right noises and wrote it down. If they should lose track of where it they wrote it down the pages are as follows:


Reading (Fiction): An Underground City (pg 12 - 21)

Punctuation: 36 - 39 (colons and semi-colons)

Arithmetic: 36 + 37 (this is a change to the original pages published)


Spellings for this week are: (please try and find an opportunity to practise)













Thank you!


Mr Tatum

Home Learning


Set: 28/1/19


Due in: 1/2/19


Year 6 books

Spelling Book 1: 2 - 5

Reading (Non-fiction): 'Dare to Dance' p2 - 9

Maths (Number, Ratio and Algebra): 8 - 10


Y5 Books

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: 6 + 7

Maths: 6, 7 + 8

Reading: 'Tales of King Arthur' 8 + 9




Happy New Year!


That's right, school's back! I imagine the children were literally itching to get back here after all those days of Christmas. And we've hit the ground running here's what we're doing:


Maths - finishing off position and direction; hitting the decimals (to three places), including multiplication and division; and then we're on to percentages. 


English - all of our upcoming work is inspired by the Harris Burdick Mysteries. A truly amazing collection of work that has already grabbed the children's attention. 


Topic - I'm reading 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson which is fitting because we're looking at Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Mountains in Geography, something Bill covers in his books with his usual panache. It's a really interesting subject with plenty of self-study opportunities open to the children. As well as that, they'll be creating a 'Throwie' in art, learning about Sikhism in RE and pushing their gymnastic skills in PE. 


I hope 2019 will be a wonderful year for us all! 


Mr Tatum

What More Can I Do?


It's highly likely that you're trying to find something at home to give your children a little boost as we accelerate towards the SATs in May - it's sooner than you think! - here are some tips and websites to help:


1) Read, read and then read some more. The expectations for the end of Y6 are high and reading enables the children to access all areas of the curriculum, even the maths reasoning papers require quite a bit of reading and interpretation. Try and range your child's reading diet: poems, information text, news, stories, leaflets, anything you can get your hands on!


2) If you can find the time, sit down with them when they're doing their home learning. It's in the SATs style and will give you and idea of what they're mastering. Don't be afraid to write any questions you have in their reading records for one of us to answer - just make sure it's asked before Friday morning when the learning is due in!


3) Talk about the curriculum with them; I'm confident you'll be staggered at the information they have at their fingertips 


4) Want them to earn their Fortnite time? Try some of these websites:

Coming Soon...


Bug Club logins

Looking for more variety in your child's reading? This platform will give the children specific reading tasks to do at home, there will be plenty on there!


Times Tables Rock Stars!

Want to live your unfulfilled rock and roll dreams through your little ones? Now's your chance. Can they shred their way to the top of the class charts and the wide world of TT Rock Stars beyond? Only time (and hard work) will tell. There will be a parents meeting about this platform on Weds 21st with a KS2 roll out Monday 26th. 

Picture 1

Toy or Bird? - A Class Poem


Steal like thieves,

Eyes as sharp as a telescope,

The red kite soars,

silently, gracefully.

This agile bird,

king of the sky!

Gliding, sliding,

majestically searching;

Sharp wings cut the air,

Dipping down he claims his prize,

At full flight his wingspan is colossal,

He darts and moves; 

the tiniest twitch of a muscle. 


A Red Kite Class Collabortation




Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians

Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 1
Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 2
Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 3
Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 4