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Breathing Exercises

Hey there,


I'm excited to share our next 'Mindfulness Project'. This project is titled 'Super Hero Breathing Training!'   


The project explores three breathing techniques to help you (and your parents) calm the mind and relax the body.  We've included research to share the benefits of each technique too.  If you use them regularly.... they really do work! However, it's a bit like a gym membership, if you have a membership, but never go, you won't see the benefits. 


I'm pleased to share that we've also created a video, just for you and your parents, to tell you more about each technique. 


The techniques are known as Super Powers!


The Super Heroes you know and love have undergone similar training. These Super Powers have helped Hulk to stay human for a little longer and not get quite so angry; Super Man ease his worries about falling when he’s flying across the sky and Spider Man to keep focused when climbing tall buildings.


Like these Super Heroes, with regular practise, the Super Powers can help you to not get so angry; feel calmer; not worry as much and help you to concentrate. 


So... are you ready to embark on the Super Hero Breathing Training?

 PDF Super Hero Breathing Training.pdf

 Super Power - Chest and Belly Breathing.mp4

 Super Power - Shape Breathing.mp4

 Super Power -Flower Breathing.mp4



Stay safe, 


Miss Purdy :)

Founder of Mindful Brain


PS: We'd love to see you having a go at this training. Share a photo or video of yourself undertaking the training and tag us in on Facebook or Instagram :)