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  • College Town Primary School
  • Branksome Hill Road
  • Sandhurst
  • GU47 0QF
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Early Years Foundation Stage

In our school we believe that all our children matter. We give our children every opportunity to become the best that they can be. We do this by taking account of our children’s range of life experiences when planning for their learning.
In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) we set realistic and challenging expectations that meet the needs of our children. We achieve this by planning to meet the needs of boys and girls, children with special educational needs, children who are more able, children with disabilities, children from all social and cultural backgrounds, children of different ethnic groups and those from diverse linguistic backgrounds where necessary.

We have a large morning only nursery, run by a qualified teacher and supported by experienced support staff. We also have 3 classes in our Reception Year. All classes share our large Reception 'base' where children have classrooms and a free-flow area. All children have access to well-resourced outside areas. 

We meet the needs of all our children through:
· planning opportunities that build upon and extend children’s knowledge, experience and interests, and develop their self-esteem and confidence;
· using a wide range of teaching strategies based on children’s learning needs;
· providing a wide range of opportunities to motivate and support children and to help them to learn effectively;
· providing a safe and supportive learning environment in which the contribution of all children is valued;
· using resources which reflect diversity and are free from discrimination and stereotyping;
· planning challenging activities for children whose ability and understanding are in advance of their language and communication skills;
· Monitoring children’s progress and taking action to provide support as necessary.
It is important to us that all children in the school are ‘safe’. We aim to educate children on boundaries, rules and limits and to help them understand why they exist. We provide children with choices to help them develop this
important life skill. Children should be allowed to take risks, but need to be taught how to recognise and avoid hazards.

For more information please book a school visit and read our Early Years Policy which is below. Class pages for our Nursery and Reception classes can be found in the Children's section of our website.