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Red Deer

Stone Age Painting

It has been a really interesting and exciting half term learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and this was finished off this morning with an art lesson using Stone Age painting techniques.  First the children collected a twig, stone and some soil.  They hit the end of the stick with the stone to make it better to paint with and then mashed up blueberries with the stone until they had a lovely pink colour. Soil was mixed with water to make brown paint and charcoal was also used.  We then stacked the chairs at the side of the class and turned the tables on their sides to give the impression of painting on a cave wall.  The results are really interesting and the children had a great time.  The colours show up very well and I think you will love their paintings.  There might be some Stone Age painting happening at half term!







Please bring your reading book and diary to school with you every day.  This will be changed on a Thursday afternoon along with your library book but there may be occasions when it happens on another day.  PE will continue to be on Thursday afternoons so please have your full kit in school every week.  PE lessons are outside at the moment and so the children need to have a pair of joggers to keep them warm. 




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