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Welcome to Fox Class

Summer Term 2019


In this half term we have started working on our topic unit about plants which children have been really enjoying. We have planted some beans so that we can watch the roots grow.


In English we have been writing non chronological reports about interesting plants such as a Rafflesia, Pitcher Plants, and (the class favourite) Venus Flytraps. The children have been so invested in their learning about plants that we now have a class Venus Flytrap that they have named "Snapper Trapper" that we can observe. I have really seen a lot of improvement in the children's writing and development in their ideas. We are now moving onto a two week unit over biographies about influential people. 


In Maths we have completed out unit on shapes and we have now started our unit on measuring. Last week we measured in ml and L and this week we are measuring in Kg and g. We have also been practising our KIRFS by singing our 8 times tables to the tune of "Rolling in The Deep" by Adele.



In Guided Reading we have started a new book called "The Accidental Prime Minister" by Tom McLaughlin. This is about young boy named Joe who accidentally becomes the Prime Minister! The children are really enjoying it so far and love thinking about what they would implement if they were the Prime Minister.


We have continued reading with reception on Fridays as both classes are really enjoying and growing from the experience. Each student in Fox class has a partner in Butterfly class where they have been helping them read and building relationships with them. With this we have talked about the importance of praise, positive encouragement and being a role model! We have also worked on some strategies to help them sound out words! I am very proud of Fox class for how they have stepped up and been such great leaders. We ended our time with reading to reception by making them bookmarks as memories of our time together.


In DT we used pieces of wood, a saw, some glue, and lots of decorations to make photo frames. The children spent the week planning it and on Tuesday the 9th we spent the morning constructing them. I was really impressed with how Fox class was able to follow instructions and our safety guidelines. 



I have seen so many great entries in the children's reading records where the children are continuing to read aloud at home! Keep up the good work! Remember that three reading record entries earns a house point!


Thank you to all the parents that attended Sports day and showed their support to Fox class! Everyone had such a fun time and enjoyed participating in all of the events.



PE: Wednesday 

Library: Every other Monday 

Reading books change: Friday (children can bring a book from home for independent reading)

Last day of school: Friday, July 19th (2:00)


Miss Leach

Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians

Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 1
Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 2
Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 3
Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians 4