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Welcome to Muntjac Class!


Summer Term


We had Berkshire Music Maestros in this week for the children to have a go at some samba. 





This half term we are learning about Plants in Science. We have done some experiments to see how the roots absorb water using food colouring. 


Our current topic is 'Ancient Egypt'. The children are writing an Egyptian story based in the pyramids. They are learning about the Pharaohs, hieroglyphics and what life was like in Ancient Egypt. It has been so interesting to see the artefacts and books children have been bringing in on the topic.


One unlucky member of Muntjac even got turned into a mummy for the lesson! 



Here is some silhouette art we created:




We also made some Egyptian head pieces, just like the Pharaoh's wore! 



We also used clay to make some Egyptian inspired art pieces.


In Maths, our current unit is on shape. We are looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We will be learning about regular, irregular shapes, angles and parallel and perpendicular lines. 

Our focus in KIRFs are facts linked with the 8 times tables, so please continue to practise this at home to develop this skill. 



On Friday's we are sharing books with Reception children. It has been absolutely lovely seeing how engaged the children are with each other!



In Guided Reading we have finished the 'You are Awesome' book. It was a brilliant and inspiring book about developing a positive mindset! The children gave some fantastic reviews at the end and many of them said how they were going to aim to have a growth mindset. We have now started a book called 'Fortunately The Milk'. A funny story about a dad who goes out to get milk and meets some funny characters along the way!  


I have also seen some fantastic examples of reading records where children are increasingly reading aloud at home! Keep this up! smiley


What a lovely day World Book Day was! It was brilliant to see the children so excited about books and sharing stories with children across the school. Please have a look at the pictures below. 


Miss Startup



Reading books change: Friday 

You can bring in a book from home on Friday to read 

PE: Wednesday 

Library: Every other Tuesday 






World Book Day

World Book Day  1
World Book Day  2
World Book Day  3
World Book Day  4
World Book Day  5
World Book Day  6
World Book Day  7
World Book Day  8
World Book Day  9
World Book Day  10
World Book Day  11
World Book Day  12
World Book Day  13
World Book Day  14
World Book Day  15
World Book Day  16
World Book Day  17
World Book Day  18
World Book Day  19
World Book Day  20
World Book Day  21
World Book Day  22
World Book Day  23
World Book Day  24
World Book Day  25
World Book Day  26
World Book Day  27
World Book Day  28
World Book Day  29
World Book Day  30
World Book Day  31
World Book Day  32
World Book Day  33
World Book Day  34
World Book Day  35
World Book Day  36

Butser Farm Trip

Butser Farm Trip 1
Butser Farm Trip 2
Butser Farm Trip 3
Butser Farm Trip 4
Butser Farm Trip 5
Butser Farm Trip 6
Butser Farm Trip 7
Butser Farm Trip 8
Butser Farm Trip 9
Butser Farm Trip 10
Butser Farm Trip 11
Butser Farm Trip 12
Butser Farm Trip 13
Butser Farm Trip 14
Butser Farm Trip 15
Butser Farm Trip 16
Butser Farm Trip 17
Butser Farm Trip 18
Butser Farm Trip 19
Butser Farm Trip 20
Butser Farm Trip 21
Butser Farm Trip 22
Butser Farm Trip 23
Butser Farm Trip 24
Butser Farm Trip 25
Butser Farm Trip 26
Butser Farm Trip 27
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Our board games - instruction writing

Our board games - instruction writing  1
Our board games - instruction writing  2
Our board games - instruction writing  3
Our board games - instruction writing  4
Our board games - instruction writing  5
Our board games - instruction writing  6
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Making Greek pottery

Making Greek pottery 1
Making Greek pottery 2
Making Greek pottery 3
Making Greek pottery 4
Making Greek pottery 5
Making Greek pottery 6
Making Greek pottery 7

Great fun making Top Trump cards

Great fun making Top Trump cards 1
Great fun making Top Trump cards 2
Great fun making Top Trump cards 3
Great fun making Top Trump cards 4
Great fun making Top Trump cards 5
Great fun making Top Trump cards 6
Great fun making Top Trump cards 7