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Next week in class, we will be giving the children their SATs scores from the first practice we did in class. We will go through common misconceptions as a class as part of their learning next week. 

Once we have done this, the children will be coming home with their papers. We will put the mark scheme on the class page too so you can look through together. 


Pass marks:

Reading: 26

Maths: 57 (total of 3 papers added together)

Grammar: 36 (spelling and grammar added together) 



This week’s homework, due Friday 2nd December:


Reading: Tamarind and the Star of Ishta (pages 8 + 9)

Your teacher will let you know if you are to do a Bug Club text instead.


Please remember, if you need help then we are happy to sit down with you and go over the pages but you must ask for this help by Wednesday. (Hint - have a look at it over the weekend)

Welcome to Buzzard class!


In English, we are using the text The Dream Snatcher as inspiration for writing with suspense and mystery. We have been gathering vocabulary to create an image for the reader and will be writing a prologue to a story.



We have moved on to learning about fractions in Maths. We have learnt about common denominators and using our knowledge on multiples and factors to help with this. The children have added, subtracted fractions and will be learning about multiplying and dividing with them. 


Our topic in Geography is 'Our Local Area'. We will be going on a walk to Sandhurst, Yorktown Road on Monday 21st November. 


Our PE and library slots are on a Wednesday afternoon - (black trousers/shorts and a white top please). Please remember to bring in your reading record each day as we do lots of reading!


Mrs Nixon



In memory of Queen Elizabeth II

Year 6 Curriculum