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Week commencing 06/01/2020




The beginning of Spring 1 has started brialliantly! Have a look at the overview of what Beaver class will be looking at this term: 


English: Children are going to become journalists and writing their own newspaper reports based on the Anglo Saxons! 


Maths: We are building on different ways of multiplying and dividing, we will later move onto working out the area of shapes. 


Science: We are learning about different states of matter! What objects are liquids, solids and gases - can you spot any at home?


History: The Anglo Saxons and The Vikings 


PE: Striking and fielding - we will be playing games such as football, rounders and cricket outdoors. Your child can bring any jackets to wear outdoors. 

Week commencing 16/12/19 


Next week (WC 16th December) we will be sharing our fairy tale boxes we have been creating to share with Year 1. If you have any shoe boxes at home, please bring these into school. Thank you!

Maths - Different ways to show multiplication

Maths - Different ways to show multiplication  1

Roman Day!

Roman Day!  1
Roman Day!  2
Roman Day!  3
Roman Day!  4
Roman Day!  5
Roman Day!  6


Monday 25th October 2019 - non school uniform.


Our PE Day is on Thursday for this term.


Reading and library books are changed every Monday.

Please ensure your child is reading at home. 


Homework books are collected every Friday and handed out every Monday. 



Autumn 2 - Week commencing 4/11/19

We have lots of different events to look forward to this term! The first week back has started off brilliantly! The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning our topic of The Romans! 



In English we have been writing and reading different instructions. This week we have read instructions for how to make a Roman inspired honey cake. The children wrote persuasive introductions to their recipe which inspired us to make our own cakes! The children showed excellent co-operation in their groups to follow instructions and make some tasty, honey coated cakes! 


In maths, we are multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. We have been using the bar model and place value to help us answer questions, problem solve and provide reasoning for our answers.

We will go on to learn our 6, 7 and 9 times tables this week, so practice these at home to get a head start! 


Please continue to practice your times tables rockstars at home, the children are showing excellent progress! 

Week commencing 14th OCTOBER 

We will be making lighthouses using what we have learnt in our science lessons on 'electricity'. If you have any bottles, kitchen roll tubes, clear yogurt pots or anything else which could be used to make a small lighthouse, please send it in to school! Thank you in advance. 


Science - electricity 

In science, we have been experimenting and learning all about circuits! 


We are building our knowledge on electricity. Can you find any interesting facts to share with the class and add to our Science wall? 




We experimented with different equipment including bulbs, wires and batteries. We added more batteries and light bulbs to our circuits to find out what changes. 





Maths - Adding with and without exchanging

Maths - Adding with and without exchanging  1
Maths - Adding with and without exchanging  2 Counters, place value grids and column addition
Maths - Adding with and without exchanging  3

RE Assembly


This week we have been learning about Islam in RE! We learnt what the religion is, who follows it and about the Five pillars of Islam. 


In class, we had a look at some relgious objects and what they may be used for. As I come from a Muslim background, I bought in some religious objects and explained how, when and what Muslims use these for. I was amazed at the knowledge and interesting questions Year 4 had to ask :) 



Picture 1 Miss. Hussain and Miss.Startup showing prayer mats
Picture 2
Picture 3 Everybody had the chance to touch the thasbee
Picture 4 Rose volunteered to show how the hijab is worn!
Picture 5
Picture 6 Zmourrout also bought in his prayer hat and mat!

Our stories!

Our stories! 1
Our stories! 2
Our stories! 3
Our stories! 4
Our stories! 5
Our stories! 6
Our stories! 7

Year 4 have created their own stories inspired by the book we have been reading, The Fox and the Star. We used illustrations, vocabulary used in the book but our imagination to create our own unique characters and settings. 


We shared our stories to peers across the year and created a beautiful display using the booklets in the Year 4 corridor!

Introducing a new topic and great amounts of vocabulary can be quite hard to remember! 


For each topic, we have created knowledge mats which include important vocabulary and knowledge that we will cover in lessons and that you should be able to recall.


This term we have created knowledge mats for:

Science - Electricity 

RE - Islam 

Geography - Map work


I hope you find this useful! 

Year 4 Curriculum Meeting - 23rd September 2019

Thank you to parents who attended the curriculum meeting. 


The powerpoint is attached - here you will find some background of what we are covering in Year 4, what to expect, what you can do at home to excel your child's learning and some useful reminders!

Welcome to Beavers class!

It has been a brilliant start to the term, we have enjoyed sharing our summer boxes/experiences and learning and creating some art based on our class animal!


This autumn term in English we will be reading The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith. We will be exploring the text to create our own story inspired by the books illustrations and language features.


In maths we will be learning about place value and rounding numbers.


Useful reminders 

  • PE lessons are every Tuesday but please ensure your child their PE kit in school every day. 
  • Year 4 teaching staff will be holding a curriculum meeting with parents/carers in the Creative room (KS1) on Monday 23rd September at 3:30pm.
  • Children can change their books during our library slot every Monday.