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  • College Town Primary School
  • Branksome Hill Road
  • Sandhurst
  • GU47 0QF
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Celebrating Success

Golden Table

One child per class is invited to the Golden Table for lunch with the headteacher each half term. To achieve this they need to demonstrate the values of our PSHCE topic for that half term and be voted for by their classmates. The children are awarded a special badge that they can wear as part of their school uniform.

Photos of the children are displayed in the hall for the half term and also emailed to parents.


Golden Assembly

Children who achieve 10 golden tickets in learning or behaviour are awarded a special certificate in Golden Assembly. Parents are invited to join their child in this assembly. Once a child achieves 3 certificates in learning and behaviour they achieve a bronze award, 6 certificates equals a silver award and 10 equals a gold award. 


During Key Stage 1 Golden Assembly we also celebrate outstanding work. One child per class is chosen and their work is displayed in the hall for the week. 


Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians - KS1 and KS2 children

 Every half term each class teacher selects 2 children for each category. The selected children receive a certificate and a badge to wear as part of their school uniform.


KS2 Achievement Assembly

Every half term KS2 teachers select children for the 'Outstanding Learner' award and parents are invited to a special assembly to share their child's success. The children's work is then displayed in school.