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Religious Education

Religious Education


College Town follows The Pan-Berkshire Agreed Syllabus for RE. This states that:

All children should know about and understand a range of religions and worldviews and also be able to express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and impact of religions across the world.


RE plays an important role in preparing our children for life in the modern world and we hope it will enable them to become positive role models within society.

Religious Education contributes to the ethos of our school. It promotes the values of truth, justice and respect for all, and care of the environment. It places emphasis on our children respecting themselves and others, on the role of family and on the celebration of diversity through understanding similarities and differences.

RE is statutory for EYFS children from Reception onwards, however religion is spoken about and stories are shared with the very youngest children in our Nursery. In Reception all children encounter Christianity and look at a range of religions which link to their topic of ‘All around the World’. They touch on the religious beliefs of different countries and the key events that are celebrated. Their learning is thematic and links closely to key religious events throughout the year such as Christmas, Easter and Ramadan.

When your child enters the Primary phase (Years 1 – 6), they will study Christianity every year, plus either Hinduism, Islam, Judaism or Sikhism. Through their learning they will be able to explore and answer key questions related to different religions.

Useful websites:

BBC Bitesize (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2)    KS 1    KS 2 (All religions)

Primary Homework Help (All religions)