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Computing & E Safety

Computing at College Town

We provide the children with a range of learning experiences where computing is taught in explicit programming lessons and also where computing is taught through other subjects.  We aim to give all children the opportunity and desire to develop skills that will support them in the ever changing world of technology.


Early Years Foundation Stage

For the very youngest learners in our school, computing experiences are offered to the children as part of a broad, play-based curriculum where they can engage with technology in a variety of situations.  Computing is taught in its simplest form where the children play instructional games such as Follow the Leader and Simon Says to develop their understanding of following a series of instructions.  Children go on to develop their confidence and control in technical situations by working remote control toys, beginning to programme Bee-Bots and participating in learning games using the interactive whiteboards.


Key Stage 1

In Years 1 and 2, the children have access to Surface Go tablets, to support their understanding of technology.  It is here where the children are taught how to use computing in other areas of the curriculum, for example, in data handling in Maths lessons and presenting their learning of a history topic through a PowerPoint Presentation. With respect to programming: in Year 1 the children use Bee-Bots to develop a basic understanding of algorithms and how they work to gain an end result.  In Year 2, the children move on to using the computers to build a program.  Both year groups are encouraged to debug simple algorithms, to highlight the importance of accuracy when coding.  E-Safety is an integral part of the children’s learning and at this age the children are introduced to the concept of the World Wide Web and how they can stay safe by protecting their identities.


Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, children have access to the Surface Go tablets to apply their learning of programming, researching topics across the curriculum and to present learning. Children start to apply their programming skills on a program called Scratch which teaches them the basis of simple coding and algorithms. They dive deeper into E-Safety and learn how they can apply it to their use of the internet at home. Children also have computing embedded into all subjects where they are learning to research different topics and present their learning using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.



Digital Leaders Programme

College Town Primary School joined a new youth Leadership Programme in September 2019 run by the UK charity Childnet. The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme provides on-line training and support designed to provide Digital Leaders in school with the skills to be able to support peers, teachers and parents about how to stay safe on-line.


College Town recruits 5 children from Year 5 and 6 to become our Digital Leaders. The children completed a series of on-line modules and became qualified Digital Leaders by the end of the year. Their role at College Town is to offer a first point of call for their peers who may have questions about keeping safe on-line, dealing with cyberbullying or any other issues around their Digital lives.

The Digital Leaders deliver short presentations to children in KS 1 and KS 2. They also run a weekly drop-in session every week where they are available to answer questions or offer guidance.