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Welcome back to the last half term of Year 6!


This term our Guided Reading text will be:

'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell


English - The Lost Words

In English this week, we have be looking at poems based on British wildlife. We group wrote a poem based on a poem about an adder.



Almost invisible against the rocks; entangled question marks; a sliver of rope bound in a knot:

For adder is as adder hides.

Distinct features form tyre treads; intricate designs display in the night; barely a trace left:

For adder is as adder sheds.

Dashing swiftly into the shadows; flowing water; entwining ivy:

For adder is as adder slithers.

Enchanting pupils; hypnotising; unblinking; innocent souls accept the invite:

For adder is as adder glares.

Repetitive warnings spat into the darkness; dripping saliva; strikes but never misses.

For adder is as adder hisses.



Science - Light

In our science lessons this week, we are have been discussing how the eye works and how light travels in straight lines. In our lesson on Thursday, we created statues out of foil and then used torches to investigate how shadows change with the angle of the light source. The children made sure that the shadow fit onto the paper and then copied the shadow with black markers.




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