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This week’s homework:


Please look through your SATs papers at home. The mark schemes are attached for you to see the answers. 


For reference, here are the pass marks:


Grammar: 36 (pass)      55 (greater depth)

Maths: 58 (pass)           95 (greater depth)

Reading: 28 (pass)        41 (greater depth) 

Welcome to Osprey class!


Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely half term!


In English, we will be creating our own debates on deforestation. We will look at the pros and cons, then create a balanced argument using the information gathered and appropriate bias.

In Maths, we will be finishing decimals and moving onto percentages. It will be a good idea to start looking for the links between fractions, decimals and percentages. This will really help in our Maths sessions!


Now we have finished Geography, we now move onto our next History topic called 'How life has changed since 1945'. We will look at how food, music, fashion and other elements have changed over the decades. It's a great opportunity to chat to your parents, grandparents and other relatives to find out about their childhoods. I still miss my Nokia 3310 and Tamagotchi! 


Osprey's current guided reading book is 'Wonder': August "Auggie" Pullman is a 10-year-old living in North River Heights in Upper Manhatten. He has a genetic condition, 'Treacher Collins syndrome', which has left his face disfigured and required countless surgeries and special care.



Our PE lesson and Library session are on Wednesdays. Please remember to wear appropriate kit to school on Wednesday.


Reading records need to be brought in each day please. Homework will be set on Fridays to be returned by the following Friday.


See you soon,

Mrs Pain

Pass marks:

Reading: 26

Maths: 57 (total of 3 papers added together)

Grammar: 36 (spelling and grammar added together) 

Year 6 Curriculum