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  • College Town Primary School
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                                                           Welcome to Rabbit Class!


Welcome back Rabbits. I hope you had a lovely half-term week and enjoyed spending time at home with your families, I look forward to hearing about the fun things that you did.


We have lots of exciting things to be learning about this half term and I'm sure that you will have lots of fun learning them.


In English we will be using the story 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas to help us make predictions about what might happen in stories. We will also be writing a prequal to the story to explain what happened to the Colour Monster before retelling the story with our own twist. The children will be focusing on writing sentences with the correct punctuation and including a range of adjectives to add details. They will be using conjunctions and will also be using their phonics learning to help them with the spelling of key words.


In Maths we are building on our learning of last half term as we explore Place Value again. We will be looking at numbers up to 50 and exploring how the numbers relate to each other. The children will be learning how to partition the numbers and thinking about how many tens and ones make up each number, before using this knowledge to explain their reasoning. We will then move on to look at measurement. Will be investigating how to work out the length, height, capacity and volume of a range of objects.


In the afternoons we will be exploring London in Geography. The children will be learning about some of the main landmarks found in London. They will then use maps and the 4 main compass points to give directions. We will also be learning about the countries that make up the United Kingdom and their capital cities.

In Science we will be looking at the Animals, including Humans. They will be learning about different animals and the things that they need to stay alive. They will be thinking about whether these animals are carnivores, herbivore or omnivores.

In PE this half term we will be continuing with our Judo lessons.


If you would like some suggestions for places to find information for the children's homework then please look at the links listed below.

If you have any questions please find me at the gate at the start or end of the day.


Mrs Lesser



General reminders:

* Our PE day is Thursday while we are doing judo this term.

* Please bring reading books to school every day! We will normally change them on a Monday, but we do use them for Guided Reading during the week.

* Also, please make sure your children's jumpers are clearly labelled and that they have a named water bottle in school every day.

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