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Red Kite

Hello again Y6,


I hope you are all keeping well and healthy. Hopefully you've found a little bit of routine now and you're getting through the work okay - I'll try and catch you today on the phone if you need anything. 


Your learning is below, please also:


- Write your setting

- Get a sweat on with Joe Wicks (some of you must be fitter than ever by now)

- Spend 20-30 minutes on Rock Stars (we can see what you've done!)


Take care,


Mr Tatum

Hi Y6,


Please find below your maths learning. Alongside this please also:


- Get your juices flowing with Joe Wicks

- Create a mind-map from the scene in your English document

- Spend 20-30 minutes on Bug Club

- Spend 20-30 minutes on Numbots


Take care,


Mr Tatum

Morning Y6,


We hope you had a restful and safe weekend. 


Please find below today's maths and reading tasks as well as your writing tasks for the week. Added to this you should:


- Complete PE with Joe Wicks

- Spend 20 minutes on Rock Stars 


Take care,


Mr Tatum

English (for the week starting 30th) - Texts + Tasks

Good morning Y6,


Scroll down for today's learning; I hope you're all getting on well with what's been set so far. You'll notice we've labelled the files a bit better so hopefully it's more obvious what has to be done, what's optional (EXT) and where you can find the answers. 


Please also find the time to:


- Get your heart pumping with Joe Wicks (9am for the live feed!)

- Write your diary entry (on a computer is fine)

- Spend 20 minutes on Rock Stars


Take care,


Mr Tatum

Good Morning Y6,


Please find your maths learning below, added to this please try and:


- Complete the Joe Wicks workout (if you haven't already!)

- Plan your diary entry from a character in your story

- Spend 30-50 minutes on Bug Club

- Spend 15 minutes on Numbots


Please get in touch if you need anything: I shall try and call later.


Take care,


Mr Tatum

Maths Homelearning - Thursday 26th March

Morning all,


Your maths and reading learning is below - please use the answer sheets provided to check your work. 


As well as this you should:


- Get involved with Joe Wicks @ 9am (can we help him get to 1m viewers?)

- Spend 20 minutes on Rock Stars

- Write your story


Take care,


Mr Tatum

Good morning Y6,


I hope you are all well and taking care of yourself and your family. Your maths learning is below, added to this you should:


- Spend 40 minutes on Bug Club

- Continue your story (you should be writing today)

- Spend 20 minutes on Numbot (how many levels can you get through)

- Do Joe Wicks' PE lesson (9am on Youtube)


I'll speak to you later in the week,


Mr Tatum

Learning from Home


While the school is closed learning will be posted here daily. It is desirable for children to keep on top of their learning as well as establishing routine. If you need any help with this I will be calling twice a week, please write down and ask me any questions you have when I call. 


Take care,


Mr Tatum

Please see the learning for Monday (and in the case of writing the whole week) below. As well as those tasks children should also spend 10-15 minutes on the Rockstars platform to keep up with their timestables.


Speak to you soon,


Mr Tatum

Writing Learning - W/C 23rd March

As a school we provide a number of learning platforms which will be invaluable to the children at this time. There will also be expectations set out on the website for daily learning and tasks from these sites will be included. 


These websites are: 

Bug Club (reading), Busy Things (KS1 whole curriculum), Times Table Rock Stars (times tables) and Numbots (addition and subtraction)


If your child has misplaced their login can you please email (we will do our best to reply within 24 hours): 

Miss Startup (Bug Club):

Mrs Farrant (Busy Things):

Mr Tatum (TT Rock Star/Numbots):

Bug Club Logins


We appreciate that there's a likelihood that absences will rise in the next few weeks but it is very important that children continue to read. With this in mind, here's a reminder of how to login into Bug Club (our online reading platform).


Username: first four letters of both surname and first name all lower case; i.e. John Smith = johnsmit (if this doesn't work try johnsmit01)


Password: CTPS1


School Code: 3pp9



Recommended Reads

Homelearning - Due in Friday 20th March



Hello parents,


This week we have been looking at measurements in maths and a few of the questions involved solving problems with time; quite a number of the children struggled with this. Should you have the chance to do so over the coming weeks could you please spend some time on this. 


Thanks in advance,


The Y6 Team

Homelearning - Due in Fri 13th March

Remember - The Big College Town Workout looms large on the horizon (especially Mr Tatum's horizon - he's nervous!) please try and raise as much as you can for Sport Relief. 

3M Challenge

Homelearning - Due in Friday 6th March



That's right, this week off denotes the half-way mark in the academic year! The past three half terms have flown by as, we are sure, will the next three.


Tonight your children are coming home with a piece of paper upon which you will find their assessment scores from the three rounds we have done thus far. On the sheets you can see the SATs paper the children sat, the month they sat it in (in brackets) and the score they achieved. The number in brackets in each box is the expected score for that assessment - this changes depending upon the year. As you can see we have sat the 2016 paper twice, this was a conscious decision which has allowed us to properly assess your child's progress across the year so far. 


As well as this your child should have come home with a half year report this week and may have come home with an invite to an after-school curriculum club. If you wish to speak to us about any of this please try and catch us in the morning or phone the office to make an appointment. 


It's been a great six weeks in Y6, the children have worked incredibly hard in school; I am sure that's true at home too - well done everyone!


Have a lovely week off and we'll be back on Monday 24th.




The Y6 Team

Spring 2 - KIRFs

Homelearning - Due in Friday 28th February

Homelearning - Due in Friday 14th February

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages - A bit of guidance (should you need it!)

Homelearning - Due in Fri 7th Feb

Helping at Home


We know that all too often you want to help your children with their learning at home but you're not quite sure what you could be doing; therefore we thought we'd put some pointers to help you help them!


1) Times tables - The children really do need to have a good handle on their times tables. Ideally they have 'rapid recall' and can answer any times table question within a few seconds. If you need your child's Rock Star login please just ask.


2) Reading - Children should read aloud 3/4 times a week and should read alone at least once a day. 


3) Homework - The homelearning is a handy guide for you to know what we're doing in school; take a few minutes to discuss what they've been set each week. If you want to lend a hand there are a few pointers in the maths area of this website; alternately, if you're a bit rusty yourself, get online and onto The Khan Academy - it's really useful!


4) KIRFs - Key Instant Recall Facts! These are facts that if recalled without troubling the grey-matter too much will allow the children to access the maths curriculum with a greater deal of confidence and ease - this term's are below. 


5) Routine - getting up, going to bed, dinner times, home work, times tables practise, learning KIRFs, reading...


All of the above and much, much more will benefit greatly from being built into a consistent routine at home. 


Please speak to one of us if you would like help with any of the above.


Kind regards,


The Year 6 Team

KIRFs - Spring 1

Welcome Back!


Hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and managed to find the opportunity to catch up with those close to you while also enjoying some down time. 


We move into 2020 much the same as we ended 2019, cranking through the gears in readiness for Monday 11th May! The children seem to have enjoyed their break and we're sure that getting a bit of routine back will do us all some good!


The next few weeks are very busy with plenty to look forward to. Speaking of things to look forward to, there will also be a letter coming your way soon to let you know about the activity week we have put together for the children's final week at primary school - July will be here soon enough!




The Year 6 Team





Homelearning - Due in Fri 17th January

Homelearning - Due in 10/1/2020

Children's Sleep


As the term draws towards its conclusion we notice that some children are looking a little more tired. Obviously this is more noticeable towards the back end of the term but it does appear that some children are getting less sleep than they probably should. 


Children in Y6 should be getting between 9 1/2 and 9 3/4 hours sleep per night, which would mean if your child is asleep by 9pm then they would be sleeping through to just before 7pm. Sleep is essential to your child's continued and succesfull development, please click here for more information:


Thanks for your continued support.


The Year 6 Team

Homelearning - Due in 13th December

Homelearning - Due in Friday 6th December

Geography - Learning Mat

Homelearning - Due in Friday 29th November

Homelearning - Due in Fri 22nd November

Bang - and we're back!


Well the half term holiday is done and dusted and we're back in and on the run-in to Christmas. Between now and then we've plenty of ground to cover but we all know it will be here before we know it. The children have come back fired up and ready to go, long may that continue. 




The Year 6 Team

Blue Light Information

Homelearning - Due in 15th November

Well Dones!


A well done to one and all for getting through this half term with such positivity and assurance - we hit the ground running and we've not looked back since. It's been a frantic but fulfilling eight weeks (that's right...eight!) of learning and the children have really shown their mettle. Hopefully they will enjoy their break and come back raring for more in November - powered up by Halloween treat or two! 


A special well done to our Outstanding Learners, Leah and Samip and our Super Spellers and Marvellous Mathematicians (to be announced tomorrow, hence no names). These children have gone the extra yard in their learning and set a wonderful example to those around them. 


And a final well done to you parents, it is clear that we have a shared drive and passion for your children to be the best that they can be; it was wonderful to meet so many of you across the two parents evenings.  


Have a restful and relaxing half term and we'll see you in November.


The Year 6 Team

Half Term Holiday Homelearning - Due in 8th November

Homelearning - Due in 25th October

Times Tables and Reading


Dear parents,


It is enormously beneficial to your child's progress if you are encouraging them to read at home as well as take some time to get tables practise on the Rock Stars platform.


Reading is the bedrock of nearly everything we do in school and reading aloud has proven benefits for those children who are able to find the time to do so. It shouldn't be too onerous, 20 minutes or so over the week would be sufficient and it really can make a huge difference. 


The same can be said for rapid recall of times tables knowledge; the simple fact of the matter is if children don't have to think about a step in a problem they are solving they free up working memory which allows them to more easily access to the rest of a calculation. Children who are not fluent with their tables are inevitably going to have to do more thinking to solve a calculation and therefore are more likely to make a mistake. 


Time taken at home now will make a difference - both this year and those that follow. 


Thank you for your support,


The Year 6 Team

Homelearning - Due in October 18th

Homelearning apology


For reasons beyond my understanding the homework instructions for SPaG this week read  'Page 31 + 31'. It was meant to, and now does, read page 31 and 32. Apologies for any inconvenience. 


Mr Tatum 

Homelearning - Due in 11th October

Homelearning - Due in Friday 4th October

Times Tables Rock Stars


Please ensure the children are getting at least 20 minutes practise on the Rock Stars platform over the course of each week. Rapid recall and fluency in times tables enables children to work more confidently when solving mathematical problems and will be of increasing use as the Y6 curriculum develops. 


The children came home earlier in the week with their logins, if they haven't got this please let us know and we will re-issue these. 


Kind regards,


The Year 6 Team

Homework: Due is Friday 27th September

Hi parents,


For those who were unable to catch the meeting last night, the presentation we went through is below. If you have any questions please catch us in the playground or get in touch with the office. 




The Year 6 Team

Parent Meeting Presentation

Homelearning - To be handed in 20/9/19

Welcome to Y6!


So here it is, the final year of primary school: my, my hasn't the time gone by quickly! At this stage we want to say hello, let you know that we're here should you want to catch up (after school is best but we appreciate that's not always possible) and to draw your attention to why it is worthwhile dropping in on us here on our class pages frequently to ensure you're up to speed with all that is going on. 


We will use these pages to keep you abreast of what's going on across the year, in each of the classes as well as setting homelearning and giving you access to important information and documentation. Below this message you'll notice a number of resources already there fore you: all you need to do is click on them and they will surrender their informative goodness. If you have any problems in doing so please send a message in with your child and we can provide you hard copies. 


A couple of dates for the dairy worth noting at this juncture are: 


16/9 - Y6 Curriculum Meeting @ 3:30pm

20/9 - Jeans for Genes Day

1/10 - Y6 trip to Milestones Museum


That's all for now, thanks for reading,


The Y6 Team

Year 5/6 Spelling List

Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs)