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This week’s homework, due 10th February


Grammar: Pages 22 + 23 - Subject and Object


Maths: Page 36 + 37 - Scale Factors


Please remember, if you need help then we are happy to sit down with you and go over the pages but you must ask for this help by Wednesday. (Hint - have a look at it over the weekend)


Happy New Year!


Well, one thing is for sure, this academic year is running away with itself: in a few short weeks we shall be half-way through it! Still, the learning comes as quickly as the days go so the children will be growing in stature and knowledge at a furious rate (we hope!). 


Here's what the next few weeks hold:


English - We are looking at one of the most famous poems over the next couple of weeks: Caged Bird by Maya Angelou. We will look at how she uses metaphor as a tool to express her frustrations with the world as well as her powerful use of vocabulary which creates such a rich picture for the reader. 


Maths -  Algebra is finally upon us. The first few lessons are designed to demystify this area of mathematics, hopefully by the end of the first few lessons the children will be approaching this key skill with confidence and enthusiasm! Algebraic skills are an essential tool for Y7 where it comes in more thoroughly not only in maths but is also a big feature of science learning!


We have just finished our science unit on the human body including the circulatory system and its functions. In geography, we will be learning about our 'Extreme Earth' including earthquakes and volcanoes. In RE, we will be learning about Sikhism.