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Welcome to Merlin Class

We hope you had a wonderful break! 


Outlined below is a brief summary of what the children are learning about this term:


In English the children are reading Great Adventures by Alastair Humphreys and will be getting to know different explorers and adventurers that inspire Alastair to go exploring himself. As well as this, the children will be using this book as inspiration to write different pieces of writing all with differing purposes. 


In Maths, the children are learning about multiplication and division. The end of this unit will be assessed and these assessments will be shared and sent home so you can see how your child has been progressing in maths.


The children will also be learning about materials and their changes in Science. There are lots of experiments to help children visualize different changes in states of matter etc. In Art, the children are learning all about street art. They will be taking inspiration from different contemporary street artists in order to experiment with and create their own street art. In History, the children will be learning about crime and punishment throughout history and how the introduction of law and order has influenced crime and punishment.


The children’s Spring 1 homework has been set and is due on the 4th of February. This homework’s focus will be on History, but please keep encouraging the children to keep practising their spellings- using their word lists, and reading as frequently as possible.


Catapult Science Experiment