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We use the National Curriculum (2014) as a basis for our Mathematics teaching. Years One and Two have a daily mathematics session, with Reception classes starting with short daily activities and building up to a more formal mathematics session by the end of their first year in school. Nursery children carry out a range of early mathematical activities.

The children cover a variety of work on number, using and applying maths, shape space and measures in the sessions.
There is a strong focus on developing the children's mental maths skills. Each session starts with an oral and mental starter, which may include counting and the recall of number facts. This is followed by a main teaching session focussing on an aspect of mathematics, which leads into the group activities. These are often practical in nature. At the end of a session the class comes together for the plenary where that day's learning is reinforced and extended.


We use Numicon as a teaching resource used throughout the school to support the development of key number concepts. It's impact can be found in all classes. General information about Numicon and its resources can be found on the link below. 

Maths homework activities are set on the My Maths website for parents to complete with their child. In Reception we have mathematical challenge cards which are sent home for children to complete with their parents. Parents are asked to record a comment in their book about their mathematical learning.


Further information about the new National Curriculum for Maths is available on the tab named "Key Stage 1 Curriculum".

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